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Employee-Friendly Time Studies

How We Conduct Our Time Studies


The innovative Pace Productivity time study methodologycreates a win-win situation for your organization and employees. Employees track their own time utilizing the easy-to-use, electronic TimeCorder®device.


Once we know how your time is spent, we can show you how to be more effective in meeting your objectives and competing better. We provide you with critical information on key metrics that comes from our unique research. And we use our proprietary TimeCorder® methodology to show precisely how your employees use their time.


A typical time study takes 6-8 weeks from beginning to end. Typical steps are:

  • Confirm objectives of the project

  • Determine a list of activities for each job

  • Select employees and locations to participate

  • Conduct short orientation sessions in person or on the phone with employees

  • Participants use the TimeCorder® for two weeks

  • Return devices to Pace Productivity

  • Analyze data and write report with recommendations

  • Present findings, conclusions and recommendations to management

  • All individual results are anonymous - No employee names are used in our reports.

  • The client implements action steps


The Benefits

Our analysis and recommendations focus on immediate opportunities for your organization to improve productivity. The bottom line is more business for you and happier employees and customers.

We can show you how employees can spend an extra three hours per week on their top priority activities. Once a study is completed, this can be through:

  • Process improvement

  • Best practices benchmarking

  • Analysis of job functions

  • Identification of redundant activities

  • Determination of staffing models

  • Identification of barriers to productivity

  • Improved time management

Amazing Employee Participation

We achieve a remarkable participation rate of 94%. Employees really like using our TimeCorder devices. That's because:

  • We engage employees in the process, right from the start

  • The device is easy to use and gives instant feedback

  • We promise anonymity to employees. Clients want to know about time-use for the job,  not for the individual 

We improve time spent on top priorities by

an hour per employee per day

      How It Works - Watch Here

The TimeCorder

Retro, Ever-Cool and

Better Than An App

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