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  • Your sales team knows how to sell.

  • Your sales team knows what to sell.

  • But is your  sales team spending their time on what matters most?

Chances are they need more time for selling.

We can give them an extra hour per day to spend on their top priorities.  That means more  sales, and more profitability. 

Most sales reps who call on prospects only spend 22% of their time on pure selling activities; contacting and meeting prospects.


What would it take to get to 30% or more? We can get you there. 

We've been passionate about productivity since 1990. Our program to boost selling time includes a menu of options, customized to meet your needs and budget:

Innovative time tracking

Sales reps easily track their time with our innovative TimeCorder devices (which are better than an app) for two weeks to gather vital data about where their opportunities are. Results are anonymous, so we achieve a remarkable 94% participation rate for our time studies. 

Opportunity identification

We'll identify administrative time hogs. We'll show you how your top performers are allocating their time effectively. We'll show you how your organization compares to the best in the industry. We'll show you how to make quick improvements. 


Our programs are delivered on-line or in person with a focus on activity improvement; how to plan priorities, create leverage, reduce wasted time, manage the sales cycle, and manage interruptions.

Process Improvement

We work with senior management teams to create actionable plans to reduce, automate, or delegate non value-added tasks.

Coaching and Buddy Accountability

We run on-going follow up programs including group chats and  buddy support to give sales teams the support they need to maintain focus on their top priority activities. 

Contact us today, so that your sales team can spend their time on what matters most. 

Check out Mark Ellwood's research insights on More Time For Selling. 

Research Report - More Time For Selling

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