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Agilent Technologies
Bank of Nova Scotia

I can't believe how fast two weeks have gone by and I'm looking forward to seeing the results.

Ron Barber,
Agilent Technologies Inc.

Hello, just a quick note to say I enjoyed using the TimeCorder® and I am really looking forward to the results. The experience has made me very time conscious, which is a good thing!! I also enjoyed your book; you get the point across really well. Enjoy your day.

National  Grid
Royal Bank of Canada

We are currently deploying the Transformation initiatives for the Supervisors. The TimeCorder® data has been extremely helpful in creating a new role of the Work Coordinator that will relieve the Supervisors of the paperwork that keeps them in the office. I expect to conduct a follow up time study in March.

Michael McCallan, National Grid

The staff has commented on the ease of use of the TimeCorder®. The exercise pointed out the variations in duties performed daily as well as the numbers of interruptions. This was a fun way to track where our time is spent! Mark, we're looking forward to receiving your recap of the results.

Bank of Nova Scotia
Ontario Works 

Please accept our sincere appreciation for the assistance which you provided us with the Telephone and Over-the-Counter Inquiry study. Working with your "Activity Measurement Report" we have been able to corroborate our original assertion, and are now in a position to make a workload adjustment to the branch network which will accurately reflect the time spent fielding incoming telephone inquiries. Mark, we appreciate your cooperation and expertise, and look forward to working with you on future initiatives.

They're actually having fun with the TimeCorder. One of my workers called it "my baby".


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